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Candy Jackson are a folk-grass rock band

formed in 2018 by established Melbourne musicians

Warren James and Jamie Osborne.

Their aim, to write and record an album that encompasses their life and career thus far….

their opus if you like.
Candy Jackson formed in 2018 but the partnership between these lads goes a long way back,

and the history is as long as it is deep.
Meeting in the schoolyard as teenagers a friendship and musical connection was made instantly, with the boys quickly graduating from lunchtime rockers to being permanent fixtures on the 
Melbourne pub scene.


Whilst writing songs for their debut album Warren James awoke in the middle of the night from a wonderfully vivid dream. He was jamming and singing with Paul Kelly (The Australian song writer Paul Kelly). The song was one Warren had never heard before. Was it a Paul Kelly song or had Warren just written Candy Jackson's debut single in a dream? Knowing he would probably never remember the song in the morning, Warren dragged himself out of bed to quietly record the song in the darkness of the night. Thus Bells On was also shaken from it's slumber.


Enter long time musical comrade and Candy Jackson partner Jamie Osborne, along with drummer Jeff Glass and multi instrumentalist Justin Brady (Things of Stone and Wood), and a quick flight to the northern beaches of Sydney to put the finishing touches to the song with country music legend Shane Nicholson.


Bells On is Candy Jackson's debut single.

A song about love and commitment. When you are away from your loved ones and you worry that they might be moving on without you.